There’s a clamor to wake up Americans inured to the horror of murdered children by publishing pictures of some of the 19 kids shot to death Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas. 
It was a brutal time to be in college. The brutality isn't over.
Many people with whom I disagree seem illogical. I don’t feel that way about people who are “pro-life.” Other beliefs they may profess unrelated to…
It’s your fault. Don’t blame the impending loss of abortion rights on arch-conservatives or religious fundamentalists. 
When I was 19, the windshield wiper motor on my first car quit. I refused to replace it. I’d be damned if I was going to pamper a faded old Chevrolet…
The examined life can be discouraging
Democracy is at risk in Eastern Europe and the U.S., too
Helen Gallagher would have liked last night's Oscars. Helen had two great passions in life. One was teaching the deaf and hard-of-hearing to speak. 
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